Wonder Chilldea

Company profile


Company name Wonder Chilldea Inc.
Established February 10, 2020
Representative Arikazu Jinbo President & CEO
Contact TEL:03-6228-4431
Capital 10 million yen
Business line Planning, development and marketing of food and beverage products
Address 〒104-0061
Ginza Wakaho Bldg. , 5-14-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Wonder Chilldea explores the future possibilities of chilled food for better taste and quality.

We are engaged in planning, development and marketing of food and beverages. While examining the viewpoints of consumers and business partners, we pursue novel, inventive ideas that go ahead of the times, to deliver crowd-wowing, heart-grabbing products. This is our mission.
For the first word of our name, we chose "wonder," which connotes "astonishment, admiration, or miracle." "Chilldea," coined by joining "chilled" and "idea," is intended to express our commitment to developing inventive ideas to create new chilled food markets and distribution models, thus invigorating the overall industry.


Our business concept and background story

Chilled food processing is about food storage at optimal refrigeration temperatures to increase its freshness duration.
Our venture started with a professional team specializing in this field to explore the future possibilities of chilled food for better taste and quality.
We will utilize solid knowhow built by WADA limited company. and introduce new concepts and innovative technologies, aiming to promote further development of the chilled food market.
What are the current needs of consumers? And what are the upcoming trends?
Responding to the latest trends and needs, we will supply "ever-fresh" products to our customers―retailers such as convenience stores, general merchandise stores, supermarkets, drugstores, and discount stores, and restaurants and food and beverage manufacturers, thus contributing to greater health and dietary enjoyment of consumers.